San Antonio Male Strippers

San Antonio Male Strippers

San Antonio Male Strippers

Bachelorette Party Tips

As a couple’s wedding comes closer, one well known final celebration while a single gal will probably be the common bachelorette party. As the fellas normally get together in order to experience their last guy’s evening out prior to the wedding, girls have also routinely enjoyed precisely the same precious time along with her girlfriends. [...]

Tips For Hiring A Stripper

Five topics somebody need to know before getting a good Stripper for just about any Bachelor Party. The requirements of every best man aren’t to be taken lightly.  It’s your buddy’s remaining night of independence before going down the aisle, and it’s up to you to grant him an experience that he’ll almost certainly [...]

Bachelor Party Tips

If your friend is making the most of his last handful of days of independence, as the best man, it’s for you to decide to prepare plans regarding his bachelors party. You can get yourself an abundance of suggestions to help make that party as memorable as you can. A lot want to go play golf, hiking or river rafting for their bachelors party. [...]

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    Does the dancer bring his/her own music?
    Yes, they bring everything they need for their performance, you simply provide the venue.

    Can the dancer come in costume?
    Sure, give us your request. Popular options are police officer, firemen, pizza delivery guy or doctor. If you have an out-of-the-ordinary request, let us know. We will do our best to accommodate.

    Is a tip required?
    Tips are not required but, having some dollar bills available for the girls at the party makes the show more fun and interactive. If your dancer did an exceptional job, a tip at the end of the show is appreciated.

    How long is the show?
    The show last from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the participation of the audience. The dancers tend to stay longer at parties where the guests are participating in the show and providing tips.

    Can I choose the dancer?
    Absolutely. We recommend you give us a first and second choice, so we have a backup dancer.

    Can we take photos?
    Generally it is not a problem; we leave it up to the individual dancer. Just ask him before the show starts.

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